新能源 大功率


  • 600毫米


  • 150千克


  • 52千米/时


  • 20千米/时




BDJA Electric Drive-Chain System
BDJA Electric Drive-Chain System 1500W Hub-motor
72V20Ah Battery system  
Maximum charging rate 25 A    
FOC Vector closed-loop control, water-cooling   
CAN communication protocol, GPS, Beidou, base station triple mode positioning, OTA online upgrade.
Braking system F: Drum
R: Drum
Front suspension system Hydraulic telescopic forward reduction
Rear suspension system Four adjustable spring hydraulic double rear shock absorber, soft and hard according to the conditions of using.
Lighting LED combined type rear light is energy-saving
Tires Front: 70/90 -17   Rear: 80/90 -17
Dashboard Electric indicator, speed indicator, turn indicator, brake indicator, subtotal mileage, etc
Front windshield High strength PC
BDJA Intelligence function
Alarm Power off alarm, backup battery low power alarm, vibration anti-theft alarm, electronic fence, displacement alarm, overs peed alarm.
Remote locking The power supply of the whole vehicle can be cut off at any time through remote control by platform or mobile app.
Tracking and Positioning Regularly report location information to the platform or mobile app.
Protection on
battery under 
complex working
Intelligent control, such as automatic control of output power at low power or high temperature, ensures that the battery is always in good working condition and prolongs battery life
Motor high Efficiency tuning Based on excellent tuning, the motor has a wide efficient area, and the motor will always be in an efficient running state within the range of conventional speed
Self Fault Diagnosis The fault and health status of motor, electric control and battery are under monitoring all the time. In case of any problem, the instrument will immediately inform the user to make corresponding correct treatment
BDJA Vehicle size specification and performance
Vehicle weight 72 kg (No battery)
Long × wide × high 1895×680×1020mm  
Wheelbase 1235mm
Seat height 750mm
Number of seats 2
Load weight 150kg
Maximum endurance 110 km @20km/h
Minimum ground clearance 140mm
Top speed 52km/h