JieAn Ecology

Strategic Cooperation
We are open to any business partners with any business model in local market.[Details]
Financial Service
Leasing is our core business, and we also work with local bank to provide micro-financial services. [Details]
Training & After-sales
Customer first, Service first. [Details]
Data Management
Date management does not only provide safety, but also become the key to Internet of Things. [Details]
Core technology
Innovation on technology, R&D in product, Application in business.[Details]
Intelligent Robot
The function of Robot can easily cope with complex environments.[Details]
Clean Energy
Reuse of the batteries, combined with various clean energy will create brighter future. [Details]
Quick Charging & Swap Cabinet
We provide quick charge devices within our EVs and place the SWAP system with local partners.[Details]
Global Layout
Globalisation is the key to success. [Details]


Make fast and safe travel a green fashion

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