Meeting with Minister of Industry, Indonesia: A handshake on parallel

Beidou Jiean

On October 14th, BDJA and its Indonesian partners visited Mr. AGUS GUMIWANG KARTASASMITA, Minister of Industry of Indonesia, on the cooperation projects in Indonesia. During the warm conversation, Mr. Minister was looking forward to the cooperation and pointed out that the cooperation between the two parties and local well-known enterprises in Indonesia, is an important juncture in the development of new energy field, which can not only accelerate the process of "combustion to electric" in the field of transportation in Indonesia, but also play a good demonstration role in Southeast Asia/ASEAN region. It is expected that the projects between the two parties will not only promote the upgrading of local industries, increase the income level of practitioner, but also create a "unicorn" enterprise in the field of new energy in Indonesia.